Snoopy's Informative Class closed?


Welcome to my Classroom! Yoyoyoyoooooooo

Here I will teach people about random things, and hopscotch related things! It will be casual, not like "here's a schedule, now follow it or else!"
You can cut class, skip class, quit, whenever you want!


Times are in EST time!

Morning (6-8 am) - Forum Lesson
I will teach forum tricks, how to be nice and thoughtful, forum biology (AKA creatures of the forum) and more!

Afternoon (9 am - 12 pm) - Hopscotch Lesson
I will either teach code or history of hopscotch.

Evening (4-6 pm) - Fun Lesson
Potatoes and cookies will be available.

Recess (7-8 pm)- You can socialize with other students during this time.

Late Night (9-10 pm) - Random Lesson
Will be a short lesson that is completely random. Could be related or not related to hopscotch at all.

You don't have to attend every class! Pick and choose!
Please note schedules will not be exact, because of school and whatnot. Schedules might change.
If this class is not open, I will put [CLOSED] in the title. You are still welcome to chat here, but there will not be classes. If this class is open, I'll put [OPEN] in the title. Remember, if I put "Closed," that means the CLASSES are not being taught, but you can still talk!

How Classes Will be Taught

It won't be like an ordinary classroom. Really, I'll post some information in a post, and it will be descriptive, detailed, and include some picture. Unless it's a weird fun lesson, or a completely random lesson!
Then, I'll take questions for about 10 minutes. That's a class. Simple, right?

Tests, Quizzes, Exams

Everybody doesn't like these. Luckily, even if I will test people, it's open note. :slight_smile:
Every week, I'll ask people to summarize what they've learned in 2-3 paragraphs! It'll be easy, and you can use all the paragraphs I've wrote, questions I've answered, and so on! It'll be an easy grade!


I said this was found to be easy, right? Well, it is. You will be graded with effort points! You can earn up to 5 effort points each test. Once you earn 20, you will be eligible to request something from me!

How To Join:

Add your name to this list:
the bestest

You will get tagged every time a new lesson is listed! Please don't use a tag in this listing, or else you'll get tagged every time I edit this.


Every now and then, I'll announce that projects will be conducted for 10-15 effort points. I'll give a prompt, and you will code it!


Class will start today!
Morning lesson is out! :D
You can register today or at anytime!


but i dun wanna wait till tomorrow


I want to wait till there's more people to teach! :stuck_out_tongue:


That was a joke, but k.


Ok! :3
What did you edit? My notifications say that you edited the post, but I don't see anything.


I added my name to the list.


It's not there for me, can you try again?


I think it's because Sensei Coder started adding her/his name before mine was up there, so when s/he saved, it ended up overwriting mine.


I'm excited for fun class! xD
I may be a underage delinquent sometimes and skip class tho >:3


Wut time zone is it tho ಠ_ಠ


Eastern time!:smiley:


Oh I didn't see that :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh right now is the evening lesson :0


Teaching starts tomorrow! :3
I also might be absent, and if I am, I'll put [CLOSED] in the title! Or, if you notice I'm not on, you can also put it in. (If you're a Regular)


Oh yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep just like real school XD

EXACTLY like real school


Haha, this is the most realistic part of this school! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ikr :00000


Why must it be potatoes and cookies huh


Why not huh