Snoopy Times Interviews! Episode 1


Hey! I've been thinking about starting 'Snoopy News.' It'll have the latest rumors, coding tricks, and random stuff! A special feature would be interviews! I'm going to pick people, so please don't ask if you can be interviewed. I'll invite several people, and not just famous people! So... Here Goes!

You Have Been Invited to Be Interviewed:


This is the batch for this episode! To accept, reply #ACCEPT, and prepare to be asked questions! If not, just ignore!






No offense, but you weren't invited. I'll invite you next time. :relaxed:


Ohhhh! I thought you didn't have to be invited. :frowning:






You have to be invited to do an interview :wink:


Ok, what are the questions?


I'm not sure yet!


Okay, I'm interviewing @Kiwicute2016 for the first episode! So @Kiwicute2016, answer the following questions.
1. Why did you start hopscotch?
2. What is your favorite block? Why?
3. What skills do you excel in?
4. What skills do you need to improve on?
5. Who is your favorite Hopscotcher?
6. What was it like visiting Hopscotch HQ?
7. Anything else?


@Phase_Admin - Maybe you could help! I need a question for my 'HELP' section.m
- How can I be a better Hopscotcher?
- How do I use the ____ block?


I would love to help within the HELP!


What is your question then?


What are the possibilites with Sine and Cosine? Sorry for grammar.


Okay, thanks! I'll answer that the best that I can!


Ok @Snoopy! This will be so awesome!


@Ihasfluffycupcakes - You can help too! Any interesting stories, or ads you want to share? Ads go for everybody!


ok, here is a story: a long time ago, when my name wasn't even Ihasfluffycupcakes, I decided to look for inspiration for good projects, since I recently started hopscotch at the time. I looked through the movies tab and saw someone make movies about school. Then, I decided to make my own school videos. Most people were interested in them, so I kept on making them. I got plenty of friends and follows and likes from the school videos. To this day, I still make them, and people still enjoy them.

  1. I started Hopscotch because I wanted to learn how to code, but I was only a beginner at fifth grade and Hopscotch was the right match for me!

  2. My favorite blocks are sin and cos. I was first introduced to these to blocks at Hopsoctch HQ and found the blocks uber fascinating! I keep learning new things each day with them.

  3. I don't really excel in anything, but my strength would most likely be in emojitecture and building images/designs in Hopscotch.

  4. I definitely need to improve on my cloning skills. I can master simple cloning techniques, but I still have trouble control them!

  5. My favorite Hopscotchers are most likely t1, MagmaPOP, Funky63, Valgo, and oio. I learn a lot from them and watching and dissecting each project. I mainly learn about values from these Hopscotchers!

  6. During my time at Hopscotch HQ, I had a lot of fun learning about the secrets behind the scenes and making projects. I made a video, which inspired many other Hopscotchers to make them, and had great food. Alish and the rest of the Hopscotch team answered many of my questions and helped me with making projects! (I learned about sin and cos from them!) Did I mention that I ate great food yet?

  7. Note to all who feel unpopular: It's ok to be unpopular as long as you try your hardest in each of your projects! Hopscotch is for learning how to code, not being the best at it!