Snoopy Times Interview 2! WE ARE USING A NEW FORMAT!



Hey guys! Snoopy Times Interview 1 was successful, except for that ad glitch... The program itself is a little glitchy, so I was wondering if you guys would want a new format?




A Quote Trick (Cool, Read!)

can you send me the link please? i am on a computer



#4 - There is a glitch with the ads... Please like on hopscotch if you get a chance!


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Could you interview me?


VGuys, this is the overview for the next Snoopy Times! There are changes, so the text isn't exactly the same! Right now, everything is closed!!!!

STORY- (@Fifithefunnyflower )
TIPS AND TRICKS- (@Intellection74 )
INTERVIEW- (@DancingLollipop - btw, I'll ask questions soon :smile:)
IDEAS? - (@comicvillestudios )
ADS- (@Pokemon101,@Stampys_fans, @BlueBubbles)
MUSIC- (@comicvillestudios )
Please reply if you want a spot!

Tips & Tricks
- Keep your editor neat, so it won't be hard to find certain objects. Naming your objects helps too. Keep objects of a certain scene or part of your project in a certain spot, so you won't have trouble finding them.
Well I like lollipops so I was like "What's a verb that sounds good with it?" So then Dancing Lollipop came to be!
I mostly use the art channel
I think that bullies bully for attention or because of jealousy
One of my favorite projects is Tower Quest by MagmaPOP!
My favorite is probably Cupcake because she is so cute!
I'm the best at making art, either by drawing or using leave a trail blocks
I'm glad you put me in this!
Story -When I first started hopscotch I loved it!!
But the funny thing was I got really really reeeeally happy when I got 5 likes on a project I mean I was really happy!!
Ahhh...the good ol' days
Ideas - Still open!
Ads - okay, this gets complicated.
- @Stampys_fans - Potato ad. :stuck_out_tongue:
- @Bluebubbles - What ad do you want? Plz reply soon!
- @Pokemon101 - What ad do you want? Plz reply soon!


Ooooh can I tell a story!!!
Does it have to be hopscotch related?


After Dancing Lollipop and Phase Admin get interviewed, maybe! I feel like someone else asked but I'm not quite sure! I'll let you know probably tomorrow!


Ok thanks! What do you want for a story?


Yes, and yes! Don't make it too long!


I think @Fifithefunnyflower is doing the story; sorry!




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It's fine!
Could I make an add, maybe about how to act on hopscotch or how to be famous?


i like it a lot! when i go on hopscotch once i have wifi i will like it!


Could I please do something @Snoopy :neutral_face:


Sure! Just don't make it too long, how about two tips and tricks!


Awesome! How about a bit of music to make it sound better?

If you're asking one from me, you better give me credit! :sweat_smile::grin::grimacing:


I'll listen to your music abilities and see what I can do... I'm trying really hard to fit everybody in! Music will probably go last, so you won't hear from me until the episode is almost done!