Snoopy Q and A!



Snoopy Q and A!
Ask me questions, I give you answers!

A Few Guidelines:

  1. No personal questions..Ex: (Is Amanda Winesuckle your name?) And no, it is not. :joy:
  2. No mean questions. Ex: (Do you think Snoopy123 or Snoopy 1234 is worse?)
  3. No other posts besides questions. I want this to be a straightforward topic.


What is your best project on hopscotch?
What emoji most describes you?
Who's your favourite coder/s?


When did you join hopscotch?
What was the first famous hopscotcher to follow you?


Thanks for asking!
1. My best project depends on the 'type' of project. Most effort? Best art? Best movie? I have a lot of projects, so I'm not sure this is accurate, but probably Teen Life. It got featured.
2. These emojis: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :grin: :notes:
The monkeys describe, I don't know, I just love them! I'm usually the girl that is smiling and laughing, and I do a lot of music related activites.. And I like drawing eighth notes, its weird.. :joy:
3. My favorite coders are randomowlsLC, SmilingSnowflakes, Swift771, MagmaPOP, Valgo, Jelly44, and much more! I love how inspiring they are!


HEY!! Amanda Winesuckle is my name! :expressionless:

Just kidding, sorry there was no question :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How did you learn to make such great music on Hopscotch?


Thank you @Snoopy for that interview


Thanks for asking! @Ihasfluffycupcakes
1. I joined hopscotch on May 18th, 2013. Well, that's when I first played it. The reason I remember that exact date is because I was at a piano competition, and there was no wifi. I tried hopscotch, and it was okay... That's how I remember the exact date!
2. Hmm... When I joined, there were plenty of famous hopscotchers, but no activity. I can't quite remember, but I'm going to guess... Valgo? I think, wait maybe OrangeScent.. I'm very clueless about this... Some famous people followed me when they were not quite famous yet, so this is a very tricky question. My best guess is probably either Valgo or OrangeScent.


Thanks for the compliment! @SmileyAlyssa

A Story

I actually do a TON of music in real life. Flute and piano take over my life. I guess I was really excited to get the sounds update, but I didn't have enough time to update at first. When I got the update, I was kinda bummed out at the limited ability of music in hopscotch. I tried my best and did 'Flight of the Bumblebee.' I wasn't really good at music, so I stopped music-ing. Then MagmaPOP had an announcement about his huge helicopter game, and when he announced the helicopter game competition, I tried my best. At that moment, I was practicing Paganini's theme on the piano, so I just tried my best to put it in. Boy, was I surprised when I won! After a while, MagmaPOP announced his Minecraft game. I was very excited for it to come out, and he said that he was having a competition! I realized that I probably wasn't going to get picked AGAIN, so I entered three pieces, which were not the best. In fact, I was very sure I wasn't going to win. Out of the three pieces, he picked my worst. I was very surprised at why he picked that one, but still very happy. I don't consider myself a music person like Follow4LikesOfficial, because I don't really like music-ing on hopscotch. I only compete in competitions, and try out new tunes!

The Answer

Here is the answer!
1. Motivation from MagmaPOP.
2. Music-ing in real life.
3. Experimenting.
So, if you want to be better at music, then play music in real life! It gives you a better understanding! Then experiment! For instance, I know I'm really bad with chords... I'm better with single line melodies, which aren't as impressive as Follow4LikesOfficial's music... Then enter in competitions! Your wanting to win will boost your skills!
Good luck, and sorry for the story!


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Whats your first name? If its to personal then you don't have to answer it :wink:


What's your favorite books?
Do you know any Hopscotchers in real life?
What's your fave hopscotcher?
What's your fave hopscotch charecter?


what is your favourite color???
As well as animal?


Wow, that IS a lot of questions! I'll try to answer all!
1. Probably colorful. I try my best to use color!
2. I look around the community, and on the forum!
3. Only hopscotch... I'm trying C ++ though.
4. Again, probably Teen Life.
5. Hmmm... maybe the 'Ice Cream Pixel Art' or the 'Star Stackers.' (The Star Stackers Are Really Old)
6. I loved making 'Castle Defender: Hopscotch Style' Although it didn't get many likes, it was fun because I learned a lot! I felt good because I fixed a lot of bugs!
7. Piano, Flute, Drawing, Reading...
8. I visit the drawing topics probably the most, but I don't post that much!
9. I like how you can be inspired by others' projects, and use that info to make your own cool projects!
10. Recording, full screen mode, chat, passwords to projects, sharing projects, bookmarking projects, statistics, and way more!
11. I'd probably take away the levels, but they're good for new users.
12. I love how on the forum you can express more, and upload pictures!
13. Probably more tabs. They only have three: 'Newest, Top, Latest.'
14. The tags! They aren't very helpful to me, and they're really annoying!

I hope I answered your questions well, and thanks for asking!


Umm.. I'm not too comfortable answering this question... Thanks for think about me though... The most I can tell you is that I'm a girl.


Thanks for asking!
1. The Hunger Games, The Secret Series, Divergent... The list goes on and on...
2. Ehh... Three, I think. One of them quit after hopscotching for a day and the other two are rarely on.
3. Do you mean Who's your fav hopscotcher?
Well: Here's A List:
- randomowlsLC
- MagmaPOP
- SmilingSnowflakes
- t1
- Follow4LikesOfficial
- Swift771
- Valgo



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Can I ask another question? If yes what your fave tv show?


Thanks for asking! You are free to ask me as many questions as you want, as long as they follow the guidelines.
Okay, this will sound really weird, but recently I am obsessed with 'The Garfield Show.' It's funny, and Garfield is hilarious...
Very creepy, I kno...


Me too! I took out a Garfield book at my school library yesterday!