Snoopy Pad Ideas?


I'm making a Snoopy Pad! I want it to be unique from other drawing pads! Does anyone have ideas?
Here's what it look like-

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On my drawing pad, I added a feature maybe you would like! Maybe you could add rainbow order draw!


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And maybe a settings tab where you can choose tracers, if you want music on or off, 3D draw and more!


I don't know if you can do this but you could add a drawing tutorial button or a button that makes a quote on the screen and then you can decorat it!
If you use one of my ideas please give credit


Maybe a visible, invisible button?


I think you should make sure the colors are neat and organized since it gives more attention to it. If you need help, you can ask me, I am really good at drawing pads.


I dont want to put to much pressure on you but you should do like what @DancingLollipop said a color coded thing so if you tap red all reds would come up. Also like what @DancingLollipop said you should do a settings tab with width, etc


I hate to bring it to you, but everything has been made in drawing pads. Except for one thing. I know you're an exceptionally good coder. Why not doing a sin and cos mode? Try checking out my sin and cos draw for inspiration. I'm available for help!


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Pooh I like that idea and you should add like stamps/sticker mode where you add☸:virgo:️:gift_heart::mag::lock:🖇:bookmark_tabs::blue_book::bookmark_tabs::bookmark_tabs::page_with_curl: you know any type of emoji!


Could you try making an opacity setting of some sort? (I have no idea whether this is possible, as the only way I can think of is making "Leave a Trail" block drawings 1-99% invisible.)


What you could make is a "weird draw" feature that if turned on can make whatever you draw all squiggly.


How about a scribble draw feature!


I'm not so sure about the "everything" part. I think there's a lot of room left for creativity on the actual pen shape, shading and dynamics.


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Well, I don't know what to suggest but I suggest a working Invert button (like the trails will invert too) but it doesn't work when I try


Dats kind of what I meant!