Snoopy (🎨) and Dancing Lollipop Partner Topic!



Hi @DancingLollipop! So I know we haven't been doing anything, mainly because I was super busy, because of the collabs, snoopy times, snoopy pad and all. Well since that's all over (snoopy times will come out in a long time, since I haven't touched it at all; shhh!), I finally have enough time to actually do something! So, what do you want to make first??


I'm not sure! How about a game? I gtg to school soon, but I'll be on after it! (About 3:00) :smile:


You know I just read that, but I had to, trying to get Regular, and I promise I won't tell. I didn't know you guys were partners!


Yeah there was a partner competition and I won with the most points! :D


@Snoopy are you here? Hmm....


Last post 8 hours ago.


Yeah but she was on hs recently


Sorry, I was beta testing the iPhone version of hopscotch!


That's ok! I gotta do a really quick math sheet so sys!


You still here? I am :upside_down:


Yup! Just finished practicing my flute!
Also, what time zone are you in?
(So I don't send you a message that might be 11 am in my place and 3 am in yours! You don't have to tell me if you aren't comfortable)


I'm in the Eastern time zone! (New England USA time)
I also play flute btw!


Me too! (EST and Flute)
So what do you feel like making?


How about a game?
but what type of game?!


But what type of game?! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
No, seriously!


How about a "Cook with ___!" Or something like that? You know that game "Cooking with Mylo"? How about we make something like that and kick it up a notch! Also, are we doing this on an account?


Just put it on watching! What should the username be? A combination of our usernames? Snoopy Lollipop? Dancing Snoopy? Dancing Lollipop Snoopy? Snoopy Dancing Lollipop? I really don't know :joy:


Dancing Snoopy XD

ok I'll leave now


Needs to be approved by @Snoopy
leaves into shadows


That's not too bad! What do you want the name to be about? Flutes, coding, our names, 2 of those combined, something else etc