Snoop-Tastic Game Show! :D


Welcome to my game show! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

EDIT: This was the first original game show!
Credit to me! :hugging:

I'll post new questions every now and then, and whoever answers it the most correctly gets a point!

Here's what I mean:

Snoopy: "Q1: What is my favorite color?"
Asd123: "A1: Purple!"
Asw234: "A1: Pink!"
Wer128: "A1:Yellow!"
Snoopy: "Like this post if that is your final answer!"
*likes post
Snoopy: "Asw234, you get a point!"

Then, I'll add a point to this list:
TheGreenBanana- 3 pts
Sweetlina- 1 pt
hopscotch_king- 2 pts
bluedogmc-official- 2 pts
Sensei_Coder- 1 pt
Catface4- 2 pts
PenguinGaming713- 2 pts
JessieCA- 1 pt
BB-Box- 1 pt
minioncandy- 1 pt
GoatLord - 1 pt

You can join whenever you want and randomly, this topic isn't going to be a very "Professional" topic, it'll be mostly random. :slight_smile:
If you cheat, you cheat. Ok, it doesn't matter because the prizes aren't very good. This is just supposed to be a fun topic. :D
Also, if I say Q2, you'll reply with A2: and your answer! :slight_smile:
And so on with different numbers!
If two people answer the same, whoever answers first gets the point!


5 points- an online high five!
10 points- an online hug!
15 points- a compliment! :slight_smile:
20 points- 5 likes on hopscotch
25 points- a follow on my SECOND account!
30 points- pixel art request
100 points- a call to 911 because WHY DO YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT ME?! :3

The last one was a joke. :slight_smile:
But if you get more than 30, I'll think of something!

Have fun! :slight_smile:


The Pix Show oh no pls no

Question 1: What is my second favorite color?






Can I make one of these?


Time's up!
Like the post if that's your answer!
EDIT: Sure, just give me credit! :slight_smile:


LIGHT GREEN was the correct answer!
Since @TheGreenBanana was the closest, you get one point! :slight_smile:


Question 2: What is my second favorite animated character, besides Snoopy? Because, he's my fave, of course. :3


A2 Charlie Brown


Hmmm.... Charlie Brown from the peanuts?

Idk that s so random XD


Um...... Tweety bird.


sans the ness from cave story


I'll give all of you one point though! :slight_smile:


Thanks! This is a awesome idea!


oh wow

maybe the more nonsense i get the more points i get


Question 3: What is my favorite game created on hopscotch?


Kaleidoscope by valgo? I'm not sure!


Color switch! I really have no idea.


Hi! Can I join?


I have to go off now. Bai. I'll answer some more later.