Snooker Collab! 😆



Hey Everyone,
Have you ever wanted to join a collab, but were worried that it wouldn't fully produce a game??

I was thinking of creating an AWESOME snooker game and then I had the idea of turning this idea into a collab!!
This is going to be a REALLY complex game so please try to select a role that will be suited to your abilities on hopscotch.

Click if you're interested!

So I'm guessing if you've selected this tab than you're interested in the collab!
If a certain amount of people apply then I can list the available roles, although here are a few of the roles that will be available:

  • Chalk Animation, for cue

  • animation of the different balls moving along the board

  • The values and physics of the balls reacting to the cue, based on how "Angry Bird" works.

  • Advertisements on hopscotch

There'll be many many more roles available, if you're interested let me know! :sweat_smile:

Please edit your name in under this piece of text if you're interested :

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@Milkypup lol
Get the latest list here:


I'm not very good at coding. I can only do pixel art and music. Sorry. If I can code music for it that would be great. Thank you



could I?? XD @PumpkinGirl!


Anybody can help, in big or small ways!!
Just edit our name into the list so I can have an idea of how many people are interested! :sweat_smile:
@Milkypup @laser_eyed_puppy


What is a snooker? Btw I am joining but the scroll thing won't scroll for me


This link explains a lot of the rules of snooker, although it has a lot of extra info about how it was created too. It would be a really cool project to create on hopscotch!!!
@Milkypup, I can edit your name into the list if you want??


Edit my name in please! For music!


Ohhh... snooker is pool!


Thanks to the people that offered to be part of the collab!!

@Milkypup would it be okay if I tagged you when I was finished, for the music?


I would love to do ball physics, btw I've been working on a good ball formula for a while now and I have a pretty decent one but I need to just really work on force and friction :wink:


That would be great, I've been working on a menu for the game and a good, acurate, board for the game.
I've tried working on the cue also.


I'm not sure if this is the sort of info you should be sharing on a coding forum, maybe talk to your parents/guardians??


Even I feel it is a joke, this isn't the right forum, or topic, to be sharing it on..


That's fine for me! What would you want it to sound like?


Maybe like an intense kind of music, kinda retro?


I never asked what can I do @PumpkinGirl?


What sort of games do you usually code, what hopscotch code is very easy to you??


Definitely pixel art, or moving things @PumpkinGirl


I can't be on HS during the summer because I use a school iPad so I will try


That's fine, you can prepare the music on a separate project and I can add it into the finished project, giving you credit of course. :smile:

@laser_eyed_puppy, being able to do pixel arts is a great skill to have!! Although unfortunately I'm not sure how it could apply to this game?
Are you good at physics, you said you were good at moving things? :slight_smile: