Sniper COLLAB help, ideas, release times COME AND SEE


Sniper COLLAB is a awesome game I am working on if you are interested on helping please leave a command


Should I put on my very first full beta now?

  • Yes :thumbsup:
  • No :thumbsdown:



Sniper COLLAB beta 1

  • Cool :thumbsup:
  • TRASH :thumbsdown:



You copied the one I'm working on but changed the menu and loading screen.


I made it all alone.. Game name was copied tho I saw it in the forum and checked their beta IT WAS SUX LIKE THE JOYSTICK IS NOT EVEN A JOYSTICK so I decided to copy the name and make one my self just want to make it clear I DIDNT COPY ANY THING BUT THE NAME understand? I want you to at least apologize about what you said


I'll take a look if you place a link here to the game.
I havn't played any games on hopscotch that have a perfect working joystick.
They are unresponsive allot.
touch controls where the gun sight is always above where touching would be best for a sniper game


Sure. The scene when you play is the same with just a few different things.