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This is my General topic so yea, Art, Code, Requests, Q&A, And lots of other things! You can call me Golden or Ray!

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•Be kind
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•Have fun!
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“A Potato a day keeps the tomatoes away!” ~HRR1213, 2017

“The first step to Potato is Tomato.” ~HRR1213, 2017

“Be like Timmy and become a Savage Cabbage with a side of Dabbage, not like Bobby who is a Savage Tomato with a side of leaves, because he can’t rhyme.” ~HRR1213, 2017


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Hello! What's up? :slight_smile:


Hello DMF!


Hello, sorry for a late reply :sweat_smile:


Sorry for the late reply too​:sweat_smile: I think I follow you on HS, I know I've seen some of your projects, your really good coder.


Thanks! :D


Nope you aren't a savage




Omg I'm a Cabbage too!!


Kewl. Cabbages R Kewl.



So, whatcha working on?


Since I currently can't access HS until April I am working on developing my art style. You?



Not much tbh, apart from trying to leave.


is it possible to be a savage and a cabbage?


Ye. A savage cabbage. Those is the most highest ranked cabbages :0


is this what a savage cabbage looks like?


cabbage face


broccoli face


Well you have friends on your friend list on here!
Ps: hi @HRR1213