Sneak peeks of projects!



Hey guys. Here you can share sneak peeks of the projects you're working on! Here's my work-in-progress game.



Question: Why don't people add the main menu screens last?


What do you mean @GysvANDRegulus (I just want to know :slightly_smiling: )


Also here:

Is a WIP of a project. It's called "Find the Relic!", which might be changed later down the line.


Why do people add their main menu/title/play screen before coding some of the stuff? Why don't they do it last?


Oh, I do it to get a bit of a layout of what it's about, but I only add a title and a start, and then I move it aside


I think they like going in chronological order from when someone first opens the project. People like chronology.
P.S. I did that with my "Run From the Beast" project (I put the menu screen last)!


I don't really have anything, since I won't reveal my secret project, and my MobPad 1.1 isn't quite done yet...


Because that's my preference! You do things how you do it, I do mine -_-


Because you don't have to add extra blocks so it's more efficient


I made a topic like this!


Hm. I searched and nothing came up soooo.....




Here's mine!


Ok. This is interesting. I think this is the best topic yet!!! I would share, but I always start something and then abandon it. So I never finish anything.


I already had a sneak peek going on over here.




Thanks! It's almost ready to be published


(I need to ask: do you eat hey???????)


Here is some pixel art I'm working on to be a picture next to some text I will make announcing something. If you have an idea of what it maybe about.....shhhh!!! Keep it secret!!! (It's a pixel art with like atleast 20 lines so....)