SNEAK PEEK OF MY NEW GAME? Any Ideas? Poll Included!



Hey Guys I'm Making A New Game Called Food Swat!

And These Are The Instructions! Any Ideas? Comment With @SweetCry_Hopscotch with your opinion!


@SweetCry_Hopscotch that looks like a neat game! I haven't seen many that look like that on Hopscotch. I'm just curious though as to why you have two topics for this.


I Accidentally Made It 2 Times Because I Made One But It Had Mistakes. So Glad You Like It @DragonLover975!


Just so you know, you can edit your posts. Just saying! :yum:


It looks really cool and fast reactions games a re always fun. I can't what to play it.


Is this going to be like the game HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO?
I really like retro games from the 1980's.
I'm planning on remaking some games from that era as well.


when is it coming? CANT WAIT!:open_mouth:


You can have the hands move sideways at random times when moving towards the plate to make them harder to tap.

And have fruit that rolls away at a random angle from the plate that the player has to drag back to the plate.
And increase the amount of hands as the time goes by to have up to 8 hands that have to be tapped back.


So cool, it's kinda funny that I am making a game called fly swat!