SNEAK PEEK OF MY NEW GAME! Any Ideas On How To Improve It?



Hey Guys! I Am Making A New Game Called Food Swat!

And This Is How You Play The Game So Far... Now That You Have Seen The Sneak Peek, Comment With @SweetCry_Hopscotch And Your Opinion! I Can't Wait To Hear What You Think And Your Improvements!


I think the idea is great! Have you just started? Or are you done with the moving hands and food


Really cool love the plate maybe if you have iOS 9.1 you could use the knife and fork put them next to your plate but yeah it's great:grinning: p.s. Have u updated your hopscotch? Because if you do u get a recording button and you can play ur game whilst explaining to us stuff about it
You can also do tutorials!
Sorry if you think I've gone off subject but I did answer your question 🤗:grinning:


@Musiclover Umm....No, I Did Not Get An Update! And There Is No Record Button...Weird! It's A Work In Progress! I Am Soooo Glad That You Like It!


You have to have IOS 9.1


@Jess_M Well, There Is 3 Levels. I Am Done With The First Level, And The Second Level Is Halfway Done. And @Bubblyoreo Yeah, That's Probably Why. I Am Always Hesitant To Do Updates Because It Transforms My IPad In A Way That I Don't Like It!


I agree when they did the update which gave u the :zap:️ Thing I felt the screen was smaller and I didn't like it!