Sneak peek of a new game called my hopscotch got deleted :(



This is a sneak peek of a new game called "my hopscotch" it's takes place in my profile and you get to see the beta version features and play them here is a screenshot of it:

Do you like it

If you have any ideas that I can put in or any suggestions please tell me​:wink:


That looks like an awesome game! Are you going to make it like a real profile screen so like when you switch DRAFTS to PUBLISHED, it will work and have new projects? I don't really mean all of them because that would be impossible but if you did a few, it would be awesome!


Yeah @Berrymelon I was planing to do that already and here is a demo of it


It looks so sweg*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *swag


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Thanks @Phase_Studios I worked very hard on the demo! I'm actually doing the normal edition now!


Awesome! (20 characters or something)


I didn't get to finish this because hopscotch updates deleted it when I finished it :frowning: Srry