(SNEAK PEAK!) Choose you own adventure game!


Hi everyone!

I'm going to start to make a zombie choose your own adventure so give me suggestions and it might be implemented in the game. PS: YOU WILL BE CREDITED

Sneak Peak: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xx9gp901g



Friends should disappear and you have to go find them, hunting zombies on the way. :smile:


Will be in high consideration!


There's a way to make the zombies human. But it will be very difficult

And zombies will breakdance


First idea will also be in high consideration lol.


Everyone turns into zombies ( ERR MAI GAWD ) and you're the on,y one who came change them back!


Idea :D

There's a lost baby zombie that seems confused and you have the choice to help find it's parents or leave it


I like that idea, but only its not yet zombified



What if it's parents are zombies :0


Now I really like that :smile:


Maybe you are the reason that everyone is a zombie


You have to get food and water every once in a while and if you are the leader of the group you should have to get water for the whole group.


If you become a zombie/Game Over, you can have a special Easter Egg, Super Secret Zombie Mode. You turn into a zombie and try make as many humans zombies but avoid flying antidote?


hmm perhaps.. Boss Zombie, he squirts weird goo at you and 3 hits you loose. idk I'm tired


I'm loving these ideas! Keep them coming in!


You are the only survivor. Survive zombies using skill and tactics. Maybe try and get a cure or something?




Reviving topic: Now with sneak peak: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xx9gp901g



What do you guys think?


Of what? XD Btw Mass Tag Lists are banned :confused: