Snas' Genril torpic. Ready for #HHC2016?


Alright, so I decided to create a general topic, cuz why not. The rules are the same as any other general topic, but I don't feel like typing them.

What I'm working on: Candy Catch

Random poll of the week no.1

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Turtles
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Other


Votes are public.



Just saying, I'm about to go to sleep. Any questions you have will be answered tomorrow.

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Hi, wanna know the password to our account


Dogs fir laif!





Hi how are you
What would you add to HS


The ability to import ur own sounds.





What in the world is a general topic, Sans?
I see them a lot, and don't get it


We r coding game partners... @karmicsans2


Oh yeah... I completely forgot about that XD


Basically, this is where I post updates about my account and answer questions and stuff.


Thanks, @KarmicSans2.
So...erm...since you said questions, what's your favorite Undertale character? I use this to tell people mine:

Yeah, mine is Chara.
(Plz don't throw me out the window)





My personal favorite is sans. After him is undyne. Speaking of Undertale...


Amazing. Saving that....
Yeah, after Chara it's Undyne.


Still, plz don't throw me out the window.


Don't worry, it's not like I hate Chara.
But sans does.


Please stop that. Sans is giving Chara a bad time, no joke.

Or it is a joke, a skeleTON of jokes.

(Lol I'm bad)