Snapchat simulator!


I'm working on a working snapchat! Basically, I'm including a few filters. When you click a button, it will put the corresponding filter on the face.

Ideas? I already have the dog and rainbow throw-up filter done.


How about the Face Swap? :3


That would be so cool! I'm not sure how that would work tho....


This sounds amazing!
If you would like it, I could do some filters (i'd need to see the code first though) and you could add pictures to it.
If you want.


Thanks! I'll get some screenshots in a minute, the code isn't completely done yet. I have an idea of what filters I want to add, but I don't know how I'm going to add the face swap filter.


@CreationsOfaNoob, here are some screenshots:

The code isn't finished, but this is the basic outline. If you have any ideas or if you want to help, let me know!


I was mostly thinking of helping a bit on the face swap, maybe upon tapping the icon another emoji with a different face would pop up. I have some ideas on how to do that.


Ok! I'm not going to be on much the next few days, but when I am back on, I'll tag you and you can help me with the face swap if you want. Is that ok?

Thanks so much!


Okay :D
I'd be glad to help!


This is a great idea!!! I love what you have done so far, it looks like real snapchat filters!!


Thanks! I used images, so it's realistic!



That's look really good!!! I'll be sure to check it out!


Oh my gosh I was thinking of making snapchat the other day :scream:

For the face swap, I would take the face of an emoji, make it a tad smaller, and put it on the other one, but make it a noticeable difference


This is going to be on the featured page! It looks amazing!!!!


Looks amazing! I can help if you want!


@bluedogmc-official this looks amazing!!!! :D
I love the dog filter, that's so cool :joy::grinning:
I love it! It looks great so far! :D

I think a cool improvement you could make is instead of using emojis as the faces, draw your own! I can help with this if you want! I think this would make it super good. :D It would make it super original, and the faces would be different, so for the face swap you could really see a difference.

I don't know XD


Drawing you own face would be great, but then i can't guarantee that the dog face would been the right part of your face and whatnot.



You know what would be awesome? The Big Eyes filter! That would be amazing!


Yah, I might do that!




how about new custom filters? basically, filter that puts hopscotch logo on face.