Smoothie maker!


I published a project called Smoothie maker and it got stuck in a filter and then the hopscotch team got it out and it took
to create the project and it got like 8 likes! I am disserpointed! Can you please view it and like it? My hopscotch username is FluffyMice! And it's in my profile or you can use this link to view it! I was at least expecting it to get in rising but it didn't! Can you please like it and tell me what you think of the project?
edit: whoa it's featured thanks to everyone who liked it I've never had so much likes!!!

this I though was incredible 884 LIKES! 5895 PLAYS! then the next day:wow!!!


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It was an awesome game! I'm kinda dissapointed that it didn't get as many likes as it deserved.


Ok- I just looked and liked a lot of your stuff. You are a really good coder!!! And artist! I'm very surprised you only got small amounts of likes! I followed you btw. It's really unfair.


You should have gotten more likes! That DEFINITELY took hard work.


Awesome!!!! My Favorite Part Was The Friut Ninja Refrence! Sad It Did Not Get Much Likes!

EDIT: I Liked It And Followed You On My School Account. I'll Do It Later On My Home Account.


i think its the reason it got stuck in a fillter


It's an awesome game! Maybe you could make it challenging or something to make it even better just a suggestion. But it's still really good


ITS FEUTURED yay I am so happy


Your project got on Featured! Congratulations! And I think it's the best game ever so far!


It's amazing! Good job on the featured! Next time if this happens remind yourself that there's a million projects on hopscotch and sometimes it just takes awhile for people to dig through other projects to find the best ones. :blush:


Feutured. Lol.


@FluffyMice that had 13 likes yesterday it is FEATURED now


But I loved how it had that part of fruit ninja in it


Thanks! It means a lot to me


You're welcome! It is really cool!