Smoothie maker collab! Need coding partners!



Hi guys! I am thinking about doing a new project on hopscotch! It will be BIG!!! It is going to be called "smoothie fun 101!" But I need a bit of help! If you help u will be in the credits! Here are the things I will need help with!

  1. Music and sound affects
  2. Text
  3. Moving credits (like the ones on movies)


What does the text person do?


What does "Text" mean?
If it has to do with text art, I could help with that!

EDIT: Oh, @Stick88 beat me to it :wink:


The person that puts the text, and you know makes it change so there is step 1 2 3 and what to do and stuff


I want to do that!


Can 2 people help with that?
If not I can help with moving credits, maybe :wink:


Something like this? (But bigger)


Okay @Stick88 you can do the texts!


Okay @Sensei_Coder and @Stick88 you guys can do the texts! I will start the project and send it to you guys! P.S. What are your hopscotch usernames?


Great! Thanks!


I'll do credits! (Btw, is this a collab)


Okay, @Fun_in_the_Sun! You can do the credits!


Stick88 (for both)


Hey! @Stick88, @Sensei_Coder and @Fun_in_the_Sun! I did the game! You guys can do your jobs now! :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Can I have the link.


My Hopscotch name is SenseiCoder:heart_eyes_cat:


I can help if you still need some people to help you !


@Fun_in_the_Sun and @Stick88, it's on @Goobrgrlrye's Hopscotch account.
@Goobrgrlrye, what steps do you want to make the smoothies. Like, mix the fruit, stir it up, etc.?


But who is gonna go first?


Yes, @Sensei_Coder :slight_smile::slight_smile: