"smooth" pixel art


Can someone tell me how to make a “slide” pixel art?\


Do you mean smooth pixel art?

If so I can teach you, or @Dylan329 the amazing pixel artist can :D


What do you mean by slide pixel art?

Like a slide that goes down? Lol


I think you mean "smooth" pixel art. In which case here is a tutorial:

How to make fast smooth pixel art efficiently

Smooth pixel art consists of a few different custom blocks.

Name the "dark blue' block whatever colour of pixels you want to make. Also, change the colour in the draw a trail block to whatever you like.

At the beginning of your when block, be sure to put these:

Change Pixel Width to whatever value you like. Don't go too high though, otherwise you pixels will be HUGE!

The Start position block is where you want the top-left corner of your pixel art to be. Change the values to whatever you like.

For each pixel line, make a new text object. At the top always include a Start Position block.

For your second, third, fourth and so on lines, include a Move Down block. Always use one less than the number of that line. (Second line uses one, third line uses two, and so on).

I hope this was easy to understand and helps you learn to code pixel art. If you need any help, just tag me @MR.GAM3R :)

I have a pixel art request. Or you could teach me your ways of pixel art. Whatever works
How do you make pixel art

It's the kind of pixel art that you did for your Easter bunny pixel art


Yeh, so smooth pixel art?


yup, smooth :grinning:


Oh, use the tutorial above made by @MR.GAM3R


I am a big fan of all of @Dylan329's projects


Thank you so much xD


Is this just for one pixel?


Yes. That's just how to draw a pixel. Add more blocks for more pixels, and more custom blocks for other colours.


Me too xD (why is it funny?)


OK, thanks for the help...well really I should be saying this to every one. Thanks!!!!


No problem! Glad to help!


Me too :slight_smile:


Thanks @KVJ are you still active on HS





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