Smooth Pixel Art Tutorial Planning Topic :D


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This is where Me (Smishy) @bluedogmc-official and @Intellection74 talk about, plan, and make our smooth pixel art tutorial :D




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It's ok to post just try to keep posts to a minimum to keep it organized, thanks! :D


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Yay! I'll write up a basic outline of an intro and put it here by tomorrow then we can tweak it if that's ok with you guys!



I have to go to bed (if I don't stay up >:D) soon so yah


Wait, I wrote up a outline quickly! Feel free to edit this, or change this completely!

Hi! This is a smooth pixel art tutorial! If you don't know what a smooth pixel art is, it's this method/style: (project link here)! This tutorial was made by @intellection74, @smishsmash, and @bluedogmc-official! If you have any questions or need help with smooth pixel art, feel free to tag us!


Awesome :D

I'd just add that the original method of smooth pixel art was by SmilingSnowflakes :D


Ok, good idea! We can work more tomorrow!


Ok! Gud plan :D


Awesome!! Maybe have the link as a word, like this. You can make it by doing this: [text here](link here). It just makes the post easier to read, but you don't have to you don't want to. :smiley:


I probably shouldn't be posting here, but is it OK if I fix a typo in the title? :D




I also like to add a list of links to helpful topics at the end of tutorials! We could link other pixel art topics that relate to smooth pixel art!

Just an idea!


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Woah that's totally what I didn't do as well


Can i help with the tutorial?



PixArts are awesome so I can't wait to see the tutorial!