Smol Break- On/Off


Hoi guys!

I've tried to be active this summer but I'm super busy, and our internet keeps breaking. -_-

Last night there was horrible flooding in my state and a lot of things happened that I need to take in. I'm also going to the mountains this week and I'm not sure there will be internet. I'll give you guys the dates later!

In ~2 weeks I'm going to Myrtle Beach with some swim team frens and I'm busy, and then a week later I'm going to Glacier National Park! I'll tell the mods to lock my regular (if it is allowed)

So I may not be on much in the next few weeks, and don't panic! C;

Bai frens




I'm so sorry that there was a flood near you! ;-;

Have fun at Myrtle Beach! :3

I went there for vacation last week :DD

I'll miss you, fren! ;u;


There was a flood in your state?!
Have fun at the beach and at the park!
I will miss you fren!


Nuu! ;-;

Have an awesome time where your going :D
I hope to see you soon! Don't forget about hopscotch :D


So late sorry Frenpai!
Bye! Sort of