Smishy Style Pixel Art



Hi everyhop,

Some of you might have seen that @smishsmash got on featured for making a pug pixel art...and i wanna learn how to do it! (Not the pug, how to do pixel art)

Can someone help me please?
I wanna make this:



I just did a pixel art tutorial on this XD
I'll make a tutorial rn! :D


Wait, Smilingsnowflakes style, squares, or circles?


Thank ya sooooooo much!


Here's a pic of it but much faster:


SmilingSnowflakes style! Again, thank yoooooouuuuuu!!



I'll help you right now! I'll get some screenshots!


Thanks so much!!!!! Yer awesum guys!


Thank you! Yer the best smishy!


BRB guys, i gotta go eat breakfast XD


First set the X and Y position to whatever you want it to be!
That will be your 'start' !

For the actual pixel:
Do whatever color you want, set the width of the trail to 1!
Then you will:
Repeat 15 times:
Change Y by 15
Change Y by -15

And outside the repeat and trail do a 'move forward 1'
Put that (inside the lines) into an ability you can use later for the same color pixel!

When your done with one line, take a new text object and set the position to whatever your Y was -15 and whatever your X was - 15 or if you need to move forward do X+ 15


Weirdly enough I'm currently doing a pixel art too :0000


You can also use a Value (or variable) so it's easier to change the size of your pixel and you can easily position each line:

After each line, you can use Down, Left, and/or right to position your object:

You still get the same result, but in my opinion, it's a little easier. :+1: