Smishy Game Show :D


So original :stuck_out_tongue:
everyone gasps

Jk lol
Inspired by everyone who did this before me XD
Here I will ask questions and you answer.

Keep track of your own points pls!
At the end of the game (10 rounds each game) I will make a project for the person with the most points!

Let's get started :D

Waiting list for projects?

@gilbert189: make someone a fan account! And a trail art of teh profile pic!

@Sensei_Coder: A pixel art of the blue sapphire in their profile pic!

@BellaWafflez17: A Kawaii waffle pixel art!

Who is my favorite hop? (This is hard)







I'd totes get first like



MagmaPOP? Creations of a Noob? Kiwicute2013?


I will say everyone
Trick question


Trick question! Everyone! me!!


I know the answer, it's obviously @everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:


@everyone but especially

@randomowlsLC @SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa @LazyLizard @RubyWolf1 @MagmaPOP @Valgo @oio @RubyStars @Intellection74
Some for being really nice, some for being inovative and creative, I like everyone! Going on with the list @Gilbert189 @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @LotsaPizza @Mathgirl and many many more, I may update, @Snoopy @OrangeScent1 I keep forgetting and then adding, there's so many of you! @Huggingfluffybear and




Lol you searche it up?

Is the answer @Rodrigo?


@Hermione said it first!

It is da amazing

I do like everyone tho!

@Hermione, + I point!


Yas Senpai @Rodrigo will be tagged a lot


K, next question everyone!

What is my second favorite color? C:<


Green?? Blue?? I'm just guessing


LOL im bored how r u?


BTW my first favorite is yellow :D


@Rodrigo he works at scratch WHHHAT ???


? Does he?

I met him at hopscotch HQ, he is my fav hop :D




idk but there is same account like that in scratch and is leader


Oh! Maybe he does!

srry for so much tags senpai @Rodrigo xD


Imma wait for everyone :D