SmilingStudios'non needed topic


Hi guys it's SmilingStudios here!
I found out that ppl make general topics so i made it !!
I love the forum so far.
I'm new to the forum so i might need help.

Btw thanks for my featured and a trending.

Hey guys i'm looking for a coding partner!

Here are some people that i want to become partners with


@FruityMilkshake are you an alt of @SmilingSnowflakes?


I am new completely




You say you are SmilySnowflakes, but you arent?... that doesnt make any sense lol


Osy typo how do i edit??


@FoodDelivery hy i love your projects it's awesome


Press the 3 dots next to the chain and the reply

and then press the pencil icon


Thank you so much! if you follow me, I will give you a shoutout in my next project!


Da pencil iron(leike wut Foody said)


@StarryDream what is this lol

joined Jan 4


Dot dot dot…


Oh... I thought this was SmilingSnowflake... Dot dot dot.... Dot dot dot....


Hi @FruityMilkshake! I am too busy to have a coding partner right now but thanks so much for the offer!

If you ever need my help on anything, just tag me! :smiley:


Hi! I have a topic for if you wanna be my coding partner!


Seriously omg senpai u are soooo awesome


Thx explorer


Ok thx though @FoodDelivery u have a partner right


yes... sorry.


Hi! I'm Jamie! Welcome to the forum! ( ish cuz you're not new )
It's a magical place :slight_smile:
Just @ me anytime if you need anything!