SmilingStudios GeNeRaL topic - 21!


Helol ! I am SmilingStudios and thigh is my POTATO [general] topic !

So post away !

Questions from me Do you know what's wrong with the code ??
Can you think of a good nickname for me !
I'm looking for a buddy that I can work with !

My word dictionary

Helol = Hello
Da XD = XD

So post away!

My frenpai



Helol @bluedogmc-official !
What's up !!


Hi! Are you working on any HS projects?


I'm trying to work on this project
But it's not working and I'm trying to figure it out can u help?

@Madi_Hopscotch_ it will have a rainbow pen strokes 3D draw and Co Sine draw and I will give credit...


I started looking at it. First you should change your "when iPad is tapped" to when iPad is pressed. That's a start! I have to go to school but I can look at the rest later!:smiley:

IMPORTANT EDIT: But you should also have that rule, so I wouldn't delete it, I would add a new rule "when iPad is pressed, leave a trail" but also keep the old rule.


Ok Thankyou so much I will give credit to you Senpai !


U tagged me twice fren !


Bump anyone @FruityMilkshake??


Hai :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello SmilingStudios!
You have a Similar name :)


She's my BFF !!


Anyone !