SmilingSnowflakes help?


Hey @SmilingSnowflakes I want to make a leprechaun, l want it to be made with leave a trail blocks and your the master at that, so could you help or give tips?

If not that okay I'll figure it out!


@SmilingSnowflakes if not its really okay i promise... I just need to know what is the answer ;D


I'm writing a super long list of tips... :D
I had no idea it would be this long! :D


okay ;D that makes a lot more sense


1 - Don't use emojis.

I don't use emojis a lot in my projects, I think shapes look better! :D

2 - Decided where rounded and sharp (etc) shapes belong. :D

A semi-circle mouth with sharp edges would look better then a curved one! :D
And, maybe shoes with curved edges would look better then the sharp ones!

This is really a preference thing. :D
If you prefer the sharp shoes, then make the shoes sharp!

The theme of the project also has something to do with choosing this, if your theme is on the pointy side, it might look better with the pointy shoes. :D

3 - Plan it out!

What do you want your project to look like?
What's the theme?
What colors would look good?

Eventually, you will get a picture.

Once you have a picture...

What block would be able to make that turn?
How could I make that?
What shape matches up with that?

After that, it will be easier the turn that picture into code! :D

4 - Experiment! :D

If you're stuck, experiment!
It might help. :D

It helped me today!

I might think of a few more tips later. :D


I may use this! Is that OK?


That's definitely okay! It's for everyone! :D


Thank you!!!


i finished my leprechaun!!!!

I will post it tomorrow be on the lookout @SmilingSnowflakes


i just posted it go check it out @SmilingSnowflakes


It's super awesome! :D


also can you post the link on the saint patricks day topic that liza made my links arent working...


nvm @SmilingSnowflakes someone else did it ;D