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ok very nice jake



do u like this emoticon? @Jake

  • Yes mmm :yum:
  • No :cry: ugly stink

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Jake do u smell like salt?

  • Yasss shh :shushing_face:
  • No honey no :smirk:

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u said u are u


s are u jake

do not lie to me this time s you’ve already lied enough


@jake come live please


Are you actually ss @jake?

  • yes :sleepy:
  • nooooooo :cold_sweat:

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im not jake i have no idea who jake is


oh alright snow :unamused:

but next time don’t lie to me, ok?


@jake @smilingsnowflakes are u @poppy?

  • shh yes queen carpet! Who you know! :fearful:
  • No b :angry:

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uh what are u going on about??


u said u aged but then u said u did not age snow fur reals


but it’s ok bc i will forgive u smiles, because that’s what bastards do


though however you will have to call me ‘Queen Carpet’ from now on, okay @SmilingSnowflakes? Or else I will tell everyone your secret and you don’t want that now do u :pensive:


i dont want your forgiveness


u make me sad


u do trust me on this snow


i have nothing to hide fool


not at all