SmilingSnowflakes' Forum Account Welcome Post



np if you need any help tag me with an @

then type anonymous

like this



k bye i need to take a shower i smell like salt


Thank you anon ;u;


@smishsmash @smishy happy bday sry for u ...

if u support Hillary u should have had the worst bday


oh my g*sh is this the real SmilingSnowflakes or is it a lie


im fake sorry


oh no


wait smiling you are 11?


yes i do not age


ok that is very cool

you should age it will make your brain bright


jake son come hug


ty Jackson I appreciate it


@jake u look like Ronald regan wtf


@SmilingSnowflakes how did u think of the name Smiling Snow


i woke up one morning and i was like “yes smilingsnowman” but then i was like oh man that lame so i was like what else is snow bc that sounds cool (rip man) and then i was like f l a k e


boo leave nerd


ok nerd


no do not actually am sorry


yes sorry


who are u vote jake ty

  • smiling snow
  • Creativecoder
  • smilingsnowflake
  • other

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