SmilingSnowflakes' Forum Account Welcome Post



Hi SmilingSnowflakes! Ima big fan. Can you make a cat in a house?
@marshmallow3, or EvilKittens.


I gave you your 2400th like! :D
I think



Awesome! Thank you! :D


Smiling snow flakes can you do a background with red converse shoes like you did with the fruits or are the requests closed?


Can you make a profile pic thing like hermoine or SmileyAlyssa for me? If you can't, it's okay, but if you can I'll give details..


@SmilingSnowflakes you know on your thanks you so much topic could um my request be done by Sunday? I don't want to rush you...but well my iPad will be taken for servicing by the school electronition Michael....Sorry for bugging you!


I have a commission! Can you make a adorable, now I don't just mean cute I mean adorable, wait no! CUTENESS-OVERLOAD-OVER-9000-ADORABLE!!

Alien? Something like the cute creature in Cut The Rope!
Can it be Text Art that is easy to understand like the wasp :D


Okay! 100% made out of shapes, or trails too? :D


Shapes! Remember! Xtream cuteness!


Xtream cuteness! :D

Where should I start? On your draft, or a new draft? :D


A new draft! But if you can make it fairly easy to copy the code into another project, that would be great!


What happened to me drawing request.

And cat line art.


Alone forever.


Look at 'Thank you so much! :D' I finished the cats!


Hi.. I made a new project called Ant smasher and hope you check it out !


Welcome to the forum @SmilingSnowflakes! :D




I never new @SmilingSnowflakes even was on the forum



Wow @SmilingSnowflakes Welcome to the forum!!1!1! U so sweg


Hi! Thicks. :0
You are sweggiest. :D


Ss want to hear a song