SmilingSnowflakes' Forum Account Welcome Post



Actually it looks awesome


BTW, I know how hard it is to make a lot of things. And please don't take your time to like this you have lots of work to do. P.S. Tomorrow just have a hot cocoa and not so the work.
Merry Christmas


Thank you! I've fixed the hair! Merry Christmas!


Try this


Does anyone know how to make a topic? Hehe...


To make a topic you go to latest and then you should see a tab saying +create topic on the right hand corner!


Thank you @Hermione!


Welcome to the forum! XD


Thank you! :D


I heard the problem and I feel bad.. And. This ma be off topic but could you do me a drawing request?
Gender. Girl
Hair. Long dirty blonde
Eyes. Blue
Age. Tween/teen
Clothes. Purple dress with grey leggings under and short socks!



Don't feel bad! The problem was solved a long time ago. :D
I'll finish your drawing request soon, would you a specific background or pose?


OK,,, and make it a. Surprise! I like surprises!!! And thanks.. P.s do I follow you on hopscotch?


Thank you so much! And yes, you do! :D


Good and your welcome!


Smilingsnowflakes i know this might be late but can I have a request? My username is PuzzledTriathlete and I have long light brown hair with waves. With green eyes, I also have pastel colored stripes shirts that go pastel, white, in that order.... I know this is a long request but if you get the chance... That would be great, thank you! PuzzledTriathlete


Please make me!i have brown hair blue eyes and a blue shirt that says happy vallintines day.


Hi! Is it okay if I make a request? I have brown hair at the back and goldfish hair as my bangs. I have a dog (the one on my profile pic) and I have a white cat, if you can put one of them in. Can you put me in a black shirt that says #CREEPYSTALKERGUY? I made that term last year. (PS: This is me in minecraft) Welcome to the forum!


Did we start hopscotch at same time? December 2014 @SmilingSnowflakes


@SmilingSnowflakes, sorry to push you, but can you have this finished today? (In one hour) thanks!


@Follow4LikesOfficial I'll try! :D

@FluffyMice Yes! We did! :D