SmilingSnowflakes' Forum Account Welcome Post



Hey Mayu Im Su well anyways i became a member yeahhhhhh :heart_eyes:


You're such a nice person! I wish I could be like you. Anyways, one question, what grade are you in?


Thank you! I'm in 6th grade.


Also, my hopscotch username is Friendship Studios


Cool! We're the same age


I've finished your request! My apologies, I couldn't do the highlights, since the models are made out of code, the highlights would've looked a little strange.

I hope you like your finished request!
Happy Holidays!


@SmilingSnowflakes where is my person (or is it still in progress)


BTW you are so kind on Hopscotch, you are the kindness hopscotcher I know


Thank you! I'm going to finish it soon.


Thank you very much!


Hello SmilingSnowflakes! It's glad to see you here! Hey, how about I give you a challenge? Make a wolf model? I have recently been studying how amazing wolves are! They are actually quite interesting animals. So, are you up for it? By the way if you didn't know... I'm VanillaOwl :yellow_heart: ! Heh. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Hello @VanillaOwl! I accept your challenge!
Merry Christmas!


Thanks! Once I'm done with my amillion notifications, I'll check it out,


Hehe! I know you'll do great on it like always! I just found out we are in the same grade! Also is there anyway you could estimate a time of when it could be done? Thank you and a very merry Christmas to you! -VanillaOwl :yellow_heart:


I'm not quite sure. I have 4 requests I have to finish at the second, so it might be finished sometime after christmas, but I'll make sure It's worth the wait! Thank you! Merry Christmas!


Thank you! Please, don't rush. Take all the time you need!


SmilingSnowflakes I wanted to apologize on Techpanda's behalf. You see, it's like she's purposely trying to rush you for a request. She doesn't even realize how much time you take into your requests. It really kills me on how rude she is being. Since she won't own up on her begging than I think that I feel the need to say something. She begs and begs... And it honestly makes me upset. So I wanted to say sorry for all the rush that has been happening.
-VanillaOwl :yellow_heart:


I've finished your request! I hope you like it!
Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas @SmilingSnowflakes


But, can you make my hair a little bit shorter please