SmilingSnowflakes' Forum Account Welcome Post



Hello Everyone!

I have been learning @Hermione is trying to use my username, SmilingSnowflakes, and trying to represent me without my permission. Although, this message is from me, I believe that this issue is affecting other Hopscotchers. Before this issue of username theft gets out of control, I want to state that I am the sole owner of the username, SmilingSnowflakes, unless I personally announce my username change.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays filled with peace, fun, and harmony!

~The Sole Owner of Username SmilingSnowflakes


Hey!!! I love your models! Welcome to the forums!!


Welcome @SmilingSnowFlakes!!!!!! I love your models! If you need any help just @ me or someone else :wink:
edit: @Kiwicute2015 might be right she might have thought since your not on the forum she could say she was you


Alright, going on topic.

Reason why she might be using your username is because you're such a good Hopscotcher! Take it as a compliment, even though I know that's hard to come by!


Hey @SmilingSnowflakes! Welcome to the forums! Click here for an awesome poll tutorial! Click here for an amazing forum font tutorial! Like this:



or this:
Cool! Right? wait up!!

or maybe this..:
We give you a warm welcome! Huzzah!


Welcome to the forum! What do you think about the forum

  • I love the forum
  • It's pretty good
  • I don't like it
  • What's the point of the forum!



@LotsaPizza Thank you! I read both of the tutorials, and they were really helpful!


Just being a friend! And also, @Hermione is NOT you?


Yes, @Hermione is not me.


Welcome to the forum! Great models and great projects! :D.... :|... I have run out of things to say. <----- it's an expression, not trying to be mean


@Follow4LikesOfficial Thank you! And, I didn't think what you said was mean at all!




Sorry I'm not SmilingSnowflakes!
I was pretending because you are such a good hopscotcher I'm so sorry that I used your username and said that it was me:cold_sweat:


Thanks @Rawrbear for liking my post you are so kind :relieved:.


Yeah, no problem! I forgive you! :smile::wink:


Welcome to the forum! I love your models and I gave you a request but you never took it :sleepy: oh well. If @Hermione is trying to copy you, maybe she's jealous. @Hermione I forgive you.


It's okay! I forgive you!


Thank you! What were the details of your request? My apologies, I might have not seen it.


Yes, I have short brown hair with sidebangs to the left with small golden highlights everywhere. My hair is a bit above shoulder length and I'd like it down. I have dark grey eyes and a purple dress. Please put a bow in my hair on the back of it. Over my purple dress I have a black leather jacket on.
EDIT: no bow no bow please


@SmilingSnowflakes , I have been trying to reach you for a long time. Can you make me please. Here are my features
Hair color:Blonde
Hair length:Short with spike on top
Clothes:T-Shirt with Nike symbol you on it
Please read this.