SmilingMoons' Coding School


This is My Coding School Topic.
It's we're I give coding lessons for other Hopscotchers.

There are Lessons that you can sign up,
When you sign up I will write your session time On the Noticeboard.
Multiple students can have a Lesson at the same time.


  • Don't say anything mean.
  • Don't get Off Topic.
  • Be kind to others
  • Have a good time.

The Next Session is at: ________

Notice Board.

@PurpleFlames has a Lesson at ________
@MiiR_legend has a Lesson at _________
@Razor has a Lesson at __________
@RexersHexers has a Lesson at _________


Anyone Else?

Just asking.



I'll join plz!
y we use big fonts?


One Question,

What country do you live in?
Time zones.


Can I join? I just need some better understanding on sin and cos and such.


USA. (UTC -6)


I need a lesson for coding i'm so new and so bad at it!