SmileyGo! Official topic! (Journal)


Im making a Pokemon go game! This will be my journal! If you would like to be alerted when I'm done or make a important announcement, let me know!

First entry: Starting off! I need ideas!

I'm working on a simplified game of Pokemon go in hopscotch! Called smiley go!

I need ideas!

Any ideas used will get credit!

List of people:


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Maybe like Pokemom Go, you could move around.
Instead of walking, you could tilt the iPhone/iPad?


Maybe you can make the different "Pokèmon" different emojis and the rarity of them being used in real life makes them more powerful! Awesome idea!


Also, Can I be added into the list for Important announcements?


Could you collect different coloured Pokemon?


First person to publish a Pokemon Go game on Hopscotch gets ten (might increase it if no one makes it) likes and a follow from me and my remix account! Let me know when you are done!


Yes! Thanks for the suggestions!


Yes! Coding in the new editor is pretty hard. I was planning on using text emoticons has different Pokemon. And to catch it you have to actually throw a smileyball.


@bluedogmc-official, @MrHotdog64 is already working on a pokemon go collab. But If you want to do it yourself, then go ahead. I will be back there cheering u on.


I'm making my on my own a little differently! Thanks!


Can I be added to the list please?


I would like to be notified when you make an important announcement!


Lost! I'm not lost… where am I?


Please alert me, please and thank you. :slight_smile:


I would be happy if you could alert me, good luck with the game!


Hahhahaha that would be sooo cool I'm laughing because if anyone watches the YouTube channel Alex Wassabi or Wassabi productions you would prob laugh too


Will you just add pokemons or add everything (pokemons, pokestops, items and more)


I'm not sure, with the new update, coding is a bit harder. I'm going to add Pokemon, and maybe some other features. But mostly just Pokemon!


That would be great too! Make what you want and what you can!