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I know your probably super busy and all that but i was wonder if you wanted to make a project together?
Its okay if you say no. I am just in love with your projects and i would feel honored if i could make a project
with the great @smileyalyssa!



Sure! I'd love to! Can RubyWolf and SaphireWolf join? They are my coding partners. I might be a little bit busy, I'm working on a surprise for my friend. But I'd love to work with the great SGS!


yea that would be awesome!


Yay I'd love to help you are awesome!


Thanks so much @SmileyAlyssa and @SnowGirl_Studios

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thank you @Kiwicute2016


Yea, thanks!


Thanks so much @Kiwicute2016!



what should we make?


I don't know im going to make a quiz soon


I have no idea :grimacing::dizzy_face::blush:


i feel so honored to be able to do this with such kind amazing nice people like you guys


Awe thx @SnowGirl_Studios! You are a much better artist than me. You are awesome!