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I have been getting tons and tons of questions in my remixes. And I don't want to clutter my channel with just messages and answers, so I am creating this thing where I answer a lot of questions all in one project. This way people can get information, answers, and they can also ask a new question. And I might not answer every question, but anyone reading it can get answers to a question they might want to know but haven't said yet. So I will answer here, answer there, and so feel free to ask! But please, sometimes I get a lot of the question, so I answer it, then a ton more people ask me the same exact question I just answered! I am pretty busy, so please try not to do the exact same one! Thanks!


What is your fave keep calm?


Are You Going To Play In The Snow?


4 + 7 = ... : 3 x 2 - 4 = [ANSWER]


What games are you currently making? Or do you want them to be a surprise?


Well, I am making lots of new games, and then I'm going to publish them all around the same time. The games themselves are a secret, tho.


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Well, some of my friends have huge imaginations but they cannot code well give me ideas. Also I get ideas by apps on my phone and stuff, then I build onto them and make it different.


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I know that you publish a lot of games all at once.


I published two of them! Yaya