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Hahaha I’m in so many fandoms rn I can’t name them all… if I start with my faves they would probs be HP, Doctor Who (ur friend has good taste :wink::joy:), Gravity Falls Warriors and LOTR. Major geek overload! :rofl::rofl: thx for answering!



Cool! Let me know when you are finished! :smile:


Nice new profile pic. Is there a story behind it?


Thank you! I was actually scrolling through some old projects, and I found this drawing from a long time ago by James Strong. I remembered him because he was one of my favorite Hopscotchers when I first started Hopscotch, and it just brought back great memories so I used it as my profile picture! :upside_down_face:
Here’s the project:


Hey James strong! I remember his drawings back in 2016


Wow, I just checked out his profile. He is an amazing drawer!



I know this is an old topic, and you’re inactive nowadays, kinda, so are you still doing this?

lol i love “reviving” topics :333


Hi @SapphiraDonut! Yeah, even though I don’t publish a lot of projects anymore, I’m still here on the forum and on the app a lot! :smiley:


Hey @SmileyAlyssa

I really thank you for liking my posts. I just hope they get noticed. :grinning: Do you have any ideas that you were not going to use yourself as I’m really stuck.

Thanks Again
UnicornRainbow xxx


Hi! Sorry for responding late, for some reason this topic got put in the lounge, and from my normal account I couldn’t see it.

Anyway, I have two drafts that are pretty glitchy that I started and never finished. If you want you can use these ideas or take inspiration from them!


Thank You So much! :slightly_smiling_face:

UnicornRainbow xxx


Thank You so much. They both have inspired me to do something.