SmileyAlyssa Q & A



You asked me that once!!!


I don't really know... I'm like never not coding!


Correct! :white_check_mark:!

SmileyAlyssa, what is your favorite project that you made?


My first feature! My holiday card. Nowadays, I'm looking at it just noticing all of the bad things... But I still remember how hard it was to make, so it's still my fav.


@SmileyAlyssa assuming x=pi then what the sqareroot of x cubed?


:laughing: no math pls on vacation


ok a real question now. Can you scroll through newest than post the link to your favorite project you find there?


Ok! Be right back :wink:


Here you go! :laughing:


stressed OMG yes it does! wow wow wowowowoowowo wowowow


SmileyAlyssa! How did you become famous?


What got you into coding?


oops! Didn't see this, sorry for the late reply!

I don't like to think as myself as "famous," but what started me is probably my first feature. Most Hopscotchers noticed me then. After that, I started working really hard and made many shows in trending. Soon, I got another feature and more followers. The process continued and grew as I worked harder and learned more!

@AlohaHawaiiStudios, Well I saw Hopscotch on my friends iPad, and started playing it. The more I coded, the more I loved it! If that answers your question :smile:


I know this is old but I found This and it is actually u(according to ur name)


What was your first project?


Do you think I'm cool? I'm following you!


Because ur popular. Really popular, at least compared to me.... I've never been on rising and you've been on FEATURED!


Hi, @SmileyAlyssa! I have a question for u, but it’s rlly rlly geeky :joy::joy: (sorry in advance!) welp… here it is… r u part of any big fandoms? e.g. hp, doctor who, lotr




Not really, though my friend is a huge fan of Docter Who and has been trying to get me into it. :joy: How about you?


Hello @SmileyAlyssa! Im working on a REALLY big project :smiley: