SmileyAlyssa Q & A



Choose between one: you can't add anything that is smiling/happy (any type of happy) to Hopscotch or the forum OR no forum + ability to use abilities in HS?


I'm thinking on quitting in March-April. I'm just not sure this community fits me. I love you @Rawrbear and I hope you know that!!




It's forum and abilities in HS, btw.


Smiley your back pic almost gave me a seizure:sweat_smile:


Noooooo don't quit please!!!!








The secret is having a lot of really nice coding partners that make stuff for each other!


Oh yah that is what it's there for!!! Lol


How often do you upload projects?


Upload? Or publish? I upload about three a day, but I only publish like once a day.


@SmileyAlyssa where did you get your idea to do your Personality Match project?


Well, it is close to Valentine's Day, and a like commercial about like find your perfect match (like those websites to find boyfriends and girlfriends) cam on TV and I thought it would be cool to do in Hopscotch. Except finding couples would be weird and inappropriate, so I did like find which coder you are more like!


Do you like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?




Do you support Donald Trump?




Fun Fact: Did you know that Donald Trump was nominated for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? IM NOT EVEN KIDDING! :laughing:



Omg! No way!!! He opposite!!!


Search it up! It's on the news :newspaper:


I still can believe it.. HIM?!?