SmileyAlyssa Q & A



Ok, yah I was a little like REALLG excited when you liked one of my projects! You are on GAME CHANGERS!!! That's a big deal!


Uhhh yeah....Thanks!...I would prefer it if we talked normaly...and as equals...


Could you join my art club....? I like ur art C:
Thxs for following me btw :3


E = MC 2
I'm talking = :3


@smileyalyssa, u forget'bout my q?


I have to go sorry! :cold_sweat:


Where to?




U wake yet?


9+10 is actually 19, and 8+11 is 19


IKR, just if something isn't true, is the thing that is equal to something that isn't true, what is correct answer?
(YAY!!! Over 50% replues, best topic ever!)


I might be quitting from receiving quite some mean things, don't fear @SmileyAlyssa I might still play Hopscotch but I'm not quite sure what I want to do..


No! Please don't quit! You are Such a good role model!


Not to some people... Sorry Smiley we still have real life.:slightly_smiling:




Seriously, I'm smarter than you! Oh wait, it was just a... nevermind...


What's the secret to your success? Is there a secret strategy? I'm about on your level, but you have about a million fan accounts! I have none!! You started earlier than me!! :flushed:

What's the secret?! :grin:


Wait, you quit?!?! Nuuuuuuuuuu!!!

You will be missed, @VanillaOwl <3


I code for like four hours after school with no wifi and nothing else to do. That's part of it. Also I get good ideas and really work at them!


Oh my god, same here with the WIFI thing!! The problem is, the idea part. I make my projects original, and other people's ideas just don't cut it! :/