SmileyAlyssa😊 Is Amazing



SmileyAlyssa:blush:'s Hopscotch Holiday Card is the best holiday card! She is our idol. We are such a big fan! We actually are following each other. In our opinion, she is the best Hopscotcher ever. She has 2 projects on "Featured". Tell tankt2016 ( us ) if you haven't liked or played her project.


I mostly made her 'SmileyPad'!!!!!


Yeah, but MagmaPOP made the music, and SmileyAlyssa:blush: added to it. And you're in the credits. And we're using it for requests.


Did she request it? If she took your project and made it her own, that's not nice. But it's still nice that she put your name in the credits.


I made it for her it totally fine. She didn't request I chose to make it for her (it was to be her coding partner). It was a remix of her projects so it's hers.


Okay. That's actually nice of you. You're still in the coding partner contest, so I think you have a big chance of winning.


Yeah SA said I have a really good chance


I really think you do. It's only you and one other Hopscotcher that have a really good chance. And remember, don't brag if you win.


I never brag. I'm friends with SA and the other person with a good chance


Well, that's good. I guess S.A. won't let people who brag be her coding partner. And I'm not disappointed that I was kicked out of the contest. I'm a good sport. These conversations can get really long.


I just looked at Hopscotch. The other Hopscotcher is SaphireWolf.


Yeah that's her on the forum she's @SoBit


Omg thanks Tank2016 that is so nice!! You are so amazing!


Hi @SmileyAlyssa @tankt2016 is nice


Your so nice @tankt2016! RubyWolf and I kinda agreed that we are a team for the coding partner thing. We both get it or we both don't.


Hey @tankt2016, I heard you like art! Would you like to join RW and I's competition?


Thanks! Have you seen our profile picture and our description? It's funny!


Omg thanks! I like your picture! I didn't know you were a boy and a girl! Btw, I love your art! I see it every time on the SmileyPad remixes! Keep up the good work!


Sure! I'd love to! But if it's anime, no. I've never drawn anime art before.


@SoBit, @RubyWolf1, I can draw anime, realistic, and Kawaii now. But I'm best at anime.