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as some of you may know, I have set up a contest for who will be my coding partner. So this is a place for me to help you and have you help me, so i can see how we work together. This is not nesscarly "Private", but it is for the people that applied to be my coding partner and are at the top of the list. So it wouldn't really make sense for anybody else to really chat here because this is all for my coding partner. I don't want to be mean or anything though, this is just for specific people. People who applied. So I am just seeing how you will work with me, so we will do all types of stuff. Thanks!se

The people who I would like to be chatting here are:

And maybe more. Depends.


Hello everybody! Like I said, this isn't really private, but this is for my possible coding partners so if you aren't really on the list then it doesn't really make sense for you guys to chat here. This is kinda like an expieriment, and I just need them to do it! Sorry; I'm not trying to be mean. But this is for them. Thanks! Sorry again. :disappointed_relieved:


Yay I can be here!!!!!!!!!!


Hi @RubyWolf1! I'm sorry your topic got shut down.:sob:


Hi! That's ok it's not a big deal :blush:


How r u doing? Have u talked to saphire wolf today?

How was the treats you cooked yesterday?




I'm good thanks! Yes I have talked to SW today. They were delicious!!!! I nearly ate them all:blush: My sister hates them :unamused:


Omg how could she????? And DrawingPad update: it is coming along absolutely GREAT and I will be finished sometime soon! Like, it looks awesome! Check it out:

Any suggestions? I still need to strainen it out and make it look nicer and neater, but other than that?


@RubyWolf1 can you talk? Or @SoBit? Please I'm bored. `


Why aren't you just @RubyWolf?


Ok this is just HILERIOUS!

That picture(the moment when) I actually know that person in real life and it happened to her in class and then she drew a picture:sweat_smile: It just makes me crack up for some reason!


The thing wouldn't let me:confused:


It's really good! I luv it!!!


I was just making cookies :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:


Now back on topic
I did the music challenge! It was my first time using sounds so it's not really good ''


Sweet! I am going to use the winning music on the drawing pad!


Hi SA! I'm going to do the music challenge in the afternoon.


Yah I saw your message! Thanks!


Hello everybody! Is anybody on?