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Welcome to my random topic! :smile:

I’m SmileyAlyssa, and SmileyAlyssa :blush: on Hopscotch. I intern for Hopscotch! You can checkout that account here: @hopscotch-curators You can check my bio for more information about me! :smiley:

In this topic I will collaborate, answer questions, and do other random things! Feed back from anyone is always appreciated! I’m on the forum and the app often, please @ me at any time! :wink:

Thank you! :blush:

Feel Free to Edit Me!

hi I am using global edit. Blub. This is my favorite quote: "When you spell a word so wrong that even auto-correct is like: “I got nothin’ man’”. xD hi again.

@xXBARNSLEYFCXx this is my general topic! :slight_smile:

jagged was here

Elle XD

smol potato.

Invaded by a Squirtle :sunglasses:


#Berry was here :D

##The cat ate a banana

Brains are awesome
I wish everybody had one!

The next sentence is a lie

The sentence before this was true

Yusamac wasn’t here.
For some reason Yusamac ignored this topic. Maybe he will come around here soon…

.xXBARNSLEYFCXx wrote the last three sentences Coz he is a big fan of SA
your projects are so awesome
They are coming. The potatoes. They’re invading.

@SmileyAlyssa is the most amazing person, she’s talented, happy and very amusing,

SmilyAlyssa is a very nice, talented, and very happy coder!- CoM
SmileyAlyssa is a bird. :bird:

My topic!thing...........random thing
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I am happy, smiley, and fun! Yay!


@Paydent12 hi


@Anonymous you're taking over my summery :laughing:


Hi @SmileyAylssa ! Can you do a gif request for me? Here are the pics:

btw, PLEASE dont mind the Advertisements! Thanks!


Speaking of roses, @Rose_Owl, someone made a Rose Owl!


Here ya go!


Can you make a GIF of these? :stuck_out_tongue:


(Off Topic) Want To Make A Game Together @KawaiiRose? Or Do A Collab?


Thanks @SmileyAlyssa!


Sure! What should it be?


A Pet Shop Maybe? I Don't Know, I'm Making Mr.Jump And Don't Touch The Spikes


Good idea! But how do u do a collab?(dont judge!)


Also SA, how did u get dat Beautiful Pro pic? I want one


RenegadeBird drew it! :blush::+1:


Hahaha I'm taking over @tankt2016's summery! Just 9 more likes... And I'll be at the top of everything! :smiley: But I gotta wait 'till I get my likes back


Thanks for following us! :smiley:


I forgot to re-follow you a couple weeks ago! I didn't realize I hadn't followed you again until I saw your BG

Sorry 'bout that!


The girl noticed that and was slightly upset.