Smiley Alysa wanna collab with me pls



Dear, smiley Alyssa I really would like to collab with you! My name on hopscotch is Dance inc. Reply if you wanna join me in anything!


@SmileyAlyssa in on a vacation, but maybe she could do a collab! I'm not sure.
Welcome to the forum! Do @LazyLizard if you need anything!


Oh hi Lazy Lizard! That is my sis


I am new to the forum! So you guys are really helpful. Thanks sis and LL




You guys are so nice.


Welcome to the forum! I am A Happy Coder, you can type @AHappyCoder if you need me.


Ok! Thanks :slight_smile: You all are really supportive


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People have been a bit mean to me already. How do I stay away from that.
(Magma pop is actually a mean person) just found out


Let's not point fingers at people, he was just trying to keep you all on topic! :wink:


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He's not mean, he just likes his privacy! :slight_smile:


Let's not point fingers at anyone. They just like privacy and may have a slightly different personality than you :wink:


I would love to collab! I'm on Spring Break Vacation right now, so I can't this week. Welcome to the forum! :smile::thumbsup:


@SmileyAlyssa do you remember me? I'm the person who made the original Mario Emojiceture. Can you check out my latest Mario project. My in-game name is BetaTntman0414 and remember to use the controller in the bottom right corner.


Sure thing! Hold on a sec!