Smile about what we got


Even if you dislike some features of Hopscotch, smile at of what the THT has made for us. They put their time and effort to make this fabulous app. I love it so much and you should too.


Thanks for this!
It's so true :s

Best topic of the week! :s


Thixs, steal my emoticons. \^~^/




I'm triggered.


What does that mean?


It's MLG terms that stand for that a person is mad.




Lol I right my minion staff.


Yheay i like hopschoch but i wish we chould donate so they can get servers so we can have ONLINE games


I can't get a straight answer out of them about if we can or can't donate :s


I also have to be happy that my mom is in the hospital and not at home. But the hospital's waiting is sooooo long...
I honestly LOVE the new update! I have judged it wrong.

  1. I totally agree!

  2. Exposed. :01010100010


I dislike the new update at the start. But now I'm starting to like it!:wink:


I think it would be a bit uncomfortable to be happy at something you are not happy about. But I think it would be more comfortable if you just be not too sad about that!:smiley:


I think we all need time to adjust to adjust to the new update.


Here's a like :thumbsup: :heart:


She's home now. She just has to take some pain relief medicine.
Kidney stone.


Did you see certain summons?

Oh and phew!


What do you mean? Also I'm still checking my MILLION notifications I got overnight.
One night and all these notifs :joy::joy: