Smashy Road! Help wanted!


So you guys know Smashy Road? If not, let me explain: you're trying to avoid the police in a car chase. However, at certain numbers of points, tougher police vehicles come (ie a tank). If you 1. can't drive your car away from the police (aka you're stuck) or 2. destroy your car/make it fall in water, you lose. You get points by destroying things like trees and police vehicles.

Enough explaining for now. I'm going to make a 2D version of this game, but I have a few things I may/do need help on. I'll give credit, though!

Some guys who could help:


I can help! :3
What do you need help with? :D


u do kno that it is called smashy road WANTED roit? notice the word in le title lol


Cool! :D
I can't join because I'm not good at recreating things and I'm not a collab person (For... Reasons lol)


I love that game!

I was actually thinking about coding it but then forgot about the idea. XD


I don't think it's a collab... XD




Oh nvm it's not a collab XD
Very sorry. XD




Well it's mostly going to be me, true. But I need help on certain things (ie road generation).


You could think of it as one, though.


Wrinkles nose pensivly


Well, again I can help! :3


For collision detection use
When the car touches anything move forward -10
Or whatever number.
You know how to do the point towards code and turning already.


So like I mentioned, I need help on getting roads to generate in a way that makes sense (ie a straightaway going up shouldn't lead to a field of trees/rocks).


Ur right. :D
I have reasons why I don't do collabs. XD
If I knew your email, I would tell you through docs. :D

All see if I know anyone that knows your email.
Does @Rawrbear know it?
Who knows it?
(Reply on get on docs, ples :D)


I already have the collision stuff around perfect in my mind.

Btw I can't use HS right now


@Rawrbear is my friend IRL, so yes.


Okay Thx :D