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Hi this is the more updated version of my general topic!
This page is for Asking questions, giving me constuctive feedback for my projects and more!


Awesome! What is your favorite project?


My favorite project is my Olaf from In summer project and my first pixel art project: Snow White Pixel Art! I worked hard on these projects so they became my favorite!


Oh and did you see the shoutout I gave you on my Smartypants! Q&A account?
You might have to scroll down a bit...


Yes I did! Thank you so much! You are so awesome!


Thanks! You are awesome too!


Thanks for saying thanks, and thanks for saying that I am awesome, you are the best!


How do you get that text where you can only see the text in a blurred version but when you tap on it the text appears?


I have invited a user at least 5 times a week before but I never got the badge: promoter.
Why is this happening?
This also happened with the badge: Empathetic.
I met all the requirements but I still don't have the badge.
Again, why is this happening?


Bye everyone, Qutitting Hopscotch!
More information on my other topic, Probably Leaving -Smartypants