Small Hopscotch Awarding Cremony coming up!


Nominate hopscotchers in these different sections!

Best Music Maker

Best Artist

Best Website Maker

Best Movie Maker

Least projects published

Least Projects Liked

Best Game Maker

If famous hopscotchers are nominated, they will not be in the nominated list.


Can I nominate my self? O_o

I know, I'm selfish D:


Least projects published: Shadow (Some numbers here) I can't remember their user name. THEY MAKE EPIC PROJECTS!


I don't think we should not include some famous HS, it will make them feel bad, what if you were left out of something. There can be one or two though:) I want firefly_33 , idk if they are on the forum:) for artist


Sure! You can only nominate yourself once though.


The thing is, this contest is for smaller hopscotchers, so they can become bigger.


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Oh, ok:) sorry I didn't know that! Maybe you should edit and say that so people will know:):wink:


What is their username? I need it for nominations.


It means they liked the least projects. They taped :heartpulse: on the least projects.


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What are you nominating yourself for?


Best game maker? {202020}


I don't even want to nominate myself! :sweat_smile:


I looked at firefly_33, I'll take your nomination.


Yay! Thank you @CodingKitten


I nominate HarryPotterYoda for Least projects published and for least projects liked. I nominate myself(CodingKitten) for best website maker.


I almost forgot, Glitter Kitty for Best Artist.


What does 202020 stand for? What does it mean?


It just means that he has to take up space for the 20 characters :wink:.