Small announcement: Update to community guidelines

What’s changed

There used to be rules saying that you couldn’t mention leaving the forum, or mention leaving Hopscotch. Those rules have been removed now, from the Community Guidelines and A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted.

It’s ok to bring up leaving the forum. Just be mindful, as usual, of a few things:

  • avoid creating a topic for announcing leaving — posting in the “You can talk about Hopscotch here” topics should be fine
  • avoid making frequent announcements about leaving
  • be mindful about mass-tagging people in posts about leaving

If it happens to get out of hand, we will send warnings.

But posts won’t be automatically removed in all cases, like before.


The rule was from an older time, when mentioning leaving was sometimes used to stir up controversy or grab attention. Now people usually mention leaving just to let others know that they will no longer be active on the forum, and they may not see replies.



I’m so happy to see this! I really disliked seeing people just going — POOF!

and just like that… they’re gone :cold_sweat:


Great to see these changes!


Forum moving in a great direction :muscle:


I felt that this being only a small announcement was boring. I have summarized it into at least a medium announcement. If any readers were, like me, disappointed in the diminutive, frankly disappointing size of the initial announcement, this post should hopefully provide you with what you want and therefore enrich your life and experience on this forum. You may thank me by supporting my membership in omtl2.

This topic is a small (opposite of large) announcement (they are announcing something) about an update (they are changing the community guidelines [the guildelines to follow on the forum]) to the community guidelines (the guidelines to follow on the forum)

The change(s) (updates) are as follows:
In the past, before this update (change) to the community guidelines (the guidelines on the forum [rules]) the community guidelines contained rules (the guidelines that give the community guidelines [the guidelines named after the guidelines I am referring to] their name) that forbade the mention of leaving the forum (ceasing usage of the forum) After this update the rules (guidelines) have been removed. They are no longer in either the community guidelines topic (Community Guidelines for Hopscotch Forum) or Ana (WHO IS NOT A PETRICHOR ALT)'s (and of course, other people too)'s topic titled: A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted (A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted .) You can look in those topics, and, allegedly, according to this announcement, will not find any rules forbidding the creation of posts mentioning leaving the forum or Hopscotch.

The consequences of these changes (updates, alterations, etc.) is that now it has newly become acceptable (the announcement which you have not read uses the words “it’s ok.”) to discuss the topic of leaving the forum. The announcement, posted by t1 on November 13th 2022 (11/13/22) does ask one thing of you. It asks that you are “mindful” of a “few things” “as usual.” You (and I) are asked to be aware of and mindful of (as usual, since we are all usually very mindful of all these things and more(!)) the following, few, things:

  • Do not create a topic for the purpose of announcing that you (or anyone, the original announcement does not limit it to posts relating to you leaving) are leaving. It should suffice “be fine” to post in the “you can talk about hopscotch here” topics, which were formerly known as the “you can talk about your hopscotch coding here” topics and before that the “general discussion topic” topics. Before that they did not exist and everyone had a lot more fun. This was a mistake that is widely regarded by everyone who experienced it as “not ideal,” on the polite end of their thoughts of that era.
  • Do not make frequent announcements (regardless of size, though the one which I am now summarizing is a small one) about you, or anyone else (the announcement does not specify) leaving (leaving the forum or the app, as specified earlier in the announcement, in case you forgot)
  • Do take great care when mass-tagging people. This includes lists such the venerable “OMTL,” which is related to the first and only Great Group on this forum, “omtl2”. I have not yet recieved membership in omtl2, though I ask everyone reading this to entreat the leaders to permit me membership in such a beautifully named and glorious group. I do not know why keeping mass tagging care in mind (“be[ing] mindful … of [it]”) is related enough to be mentioned here, perhaps it was an attempt to keep this from being an extra small announcement, though I think that even without it this announcement would still have only been “small.” Please vote in this poll to come to a community consensus on this topic:
  • Small
  • Extra small

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It could also be to have three bullet points, in which case it shows a disappointing lack of appreciation for intentionally breaking “rules” and “best practices” and the like. This is mildly boring, but also mildly not boring, and therefore confusing. Are you confused by the inclusion of this third bullet point?

  • yes
  • no
  • extra small

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On the occasion (that will, with luck, hopefully be rare) that "it" (the situation) "happens to get out of hand," the hopscotch team and the leaders will send warnings. This is a threat designed to ensure that you do not make excessive abuses of this update (change) to the community guidelines. If you do, you will receive a warning. This is far better than breaking the rules being met with absolutely nothing, and is a commendable threat. Please congratulate them on such good threatening.

However, an important consequence of this change (update [modification]) to the rules means that posts mentioning leaving will no longer be automatically (manually, but without exceptions {usually}) be removed manually by a leader in every case that a post mentioning leaving is encountered (again, by a leader.) That is what happened before, but it will not happen now.

The following section provides context for why this was a rule in the first place, and why it is being removed now.

The rule in question (no posting about leaving) was (it no longer is, since it has been removed) from an older time, when mentioning leaving was “sometimes used to stir up controversy or grab attention.” This rule was implemented after that had ceased being much a problem, but it still prevented it from returning again for many years. However, we are now much more civilized and no longer use mentions of leaving for such silly purposes. Instead, people usually mention leaving with the sole purpose of informing other users that the person who is leaving will no longer be active in the forum, and as a consequence has a chance (sometimes quite high) of not seeing replies to their posts.


Make a topic for leaving posts. In #random, it will make the YCTAHH less cluttered.



O gracious Petrichor, my announcement is indeed drab compared to the literary masterpiece that you have spewed forth :bowing_woman:

Oh I realised it wasn’t clear — it was about mass tagging in posts about leaving. I updated the original announcement now.

That’s something we can take into consideration, but I suppose we can just leave it in the YCTAHH topic and see how it goes so far — we haven’t had much posts recently (and they ended up removed anyway)


I’m so happy to see this!


finally i can announce breaks without being put in silences (this has happened twice already


Jeez @Petrichor do you need a new hand because I have a spare
also really yall need to hire this man /s

Ana had to leave because she was an alt
oh no I’ve said to much :face_with_monocle: /lh /j /dont trust me

also @t1_hopscotch you should add petrichor’s post to the announcement :rofl: